Prevention, Health and viagra without perscription Positive Youth Development


Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC specializes in evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs that target wellness and positive youth images for improving the mental and physical health, and positive development of all young people.

 “Many prevention programs discuss the negativity of drug use, but this one reaches youth in a different way…by incorporating overall wellness concepts.”  -Kate K., Prevention Specialist-

Positive Image Prevention Programs for All Young People

  • BHP2 SPORT© for children and adolescents;
  • InShape© for college aged young adults;
  • SPORT© for Families programs for parents with children and adolescents;
  • Motivational Coaching Program (MCP)© supplement for SPORT©; and
  • In God’s Image (IGI)© a physical, spiritual and mental fitness program for youth.  

Proven Evidence-based Practices Model

 Our proven four-step SFGF practices model includes:

  1. Screening youth for their current health habits.
  2. Feedback connecting health enhancing and health risk behaviors with positive image outcomes.
  3. Goal-setting and monitoring to avoid substance abuse while increasing their healthy habits.
  4. Follow-up using strategies such as booklets and we choice family materials which increase positive image communication between parents and youth at home.

Prevention Plus Wellness Interventions Are… 

  • Fundable for multiple health problems.
  • basketball1Positive and enjoyable, increasing participation.
  • Practical and easy to cialis shipping implement and evaluate, with online access to program materials and tools.
  • Personalized to each youth’s specific health habits.
  • Flexible in one-on-one and group lesson formats.
  • Short and cod tramadol oders adaptable to nearly every setting.
  • Designed to improve the "whole health" of young people.
  • Evidence-based, research-supported, and theory-driven.
  • Inclusive in the materials and services provided.
  • Sustainable over time.

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